Corporate Social Responsibility

Performing and Responsibility of Corporate social

Mr. Chen Chunyan has been quietly serving others in the last few decades, while developing his own businesses. As soon as his business become stable, he has been devoting his time and effort towards the less privileged, visiting several nursing homes, sanatoriums, orphanages, poverty villages. He also unselfishly financed the armless youngsters, handicapped sisters, the veterans and the helpless children, bringing them out of poverty towards the bright and hopeful future. Regardless of villages or cities, there are footprints of his charitable acts. Many people, from the bottom of their hearts, laurelled Mr. Chen as the “Caring Entrepreneur”. Mr. Chen has a motto “As a social responsible people in the community, it is a responsibility and mission that we must contribute back to our community.”. After joining API, he will inherit his care and love to the Group and continue its growth among all staffs.

ASEAN Business Delegation Visited Gold Vitality Group New Energy Vehicle Project

The CSR Activities with ASPZ, Date: 28th July 2016

To further promote the development of the new energy electric vehicles, President Chen Junyan brought the ASEAN Business Delegation, led by the President of ASEAN Chamber of Commerce Mr. Jinsen, to site visit the manufacturing facilities of Gold Vitality Group, an industry leader of new energy electric vehicles in the morning of 28th July 2016. They learned about the assembly techniques, power and cruising endurability of the vehicles, and the recharging issues. Impressed by the features of the car, some members took the opportunity to test-drive the car right the way. They left the plant with great satisfaction.