About API

Background information

Mr. Chen Junyan is appointed to the position of President and CEO of Asia Properties, Inc. in mid-July 2016. He focuses on the development of new energy automotive industry. He has made remarkable achievements by constantly identifying new business opportunities, embracing change and re-invention. He will introduce new energy automotive business and development to the company and continue to shape our sense of purpose and chart our future direction.

Asia Properties, Inc. (OTC Market Symbol: ASPZ), was founded in 1998, has grown and expanded to into a diversified utility company. The company’s mission aims to implement capital deployment strategy to Asia, promote and develop environmental energy-saving industry in China by achieving mergers and acquisitions through restructuring high-quality utility assets and recognizing the huge potential of energy-saving utility market in China.

Guangdong Rongguang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asia Properties, Inc. and specializes in environmental engineering. The company is committed to the development and application of clean production and energy-saving technologies, providing consultancy services. The company is utility assets.

In future, Asia Properties Inc. will introduce the development of new energy vehicles business. Through the integration of technologies, it helps us to enhance our overall competitiveness and further make the energy-saving industry in Mainland China a big step forward so as to drive the economic development of China to another level.

Business Ethics

To get social confidence, help build a group behavior mode to create a truly rich and prosperous society, the company shall explore ethics of its own to make it fit enough to serve the society.

We advocate fair, transparent and free competition and try to maintain a reliable relation with governments and executive agencies in line with the ethics. In accordance with the principle of self-responsibility -- the basic premise of the market economy and in the spirit of self-sufficiency, advocate fair, transparent and free competition. At this point, the company shall ensure that our actions are consistent with the high ethical standards and we shall comply with not only local laws but also local social norms.

The company shall establish a system to observe relevant laws and regulations. The company shall neither engage in illegal activities nor chase profits by illegal means and activities which are contrary to international norms.

I. Good professional ethics stem from a sense of responsibility for the career and conscientiously fulfillment of professional responsibilities.
  1. Promote the economic development of the enterprise.
  2. Ensure a favorable corporate style.
  3. Improve the quality of employees.
II. To have a good professional ethics, employees must comply with professional discipline
  1. Compliance with labor discipline -- the code of conduct in the labor process
  2. Compliance with financial and economic discipline -- follow the guideline and never
   seek personal gains. Finance is the key to each industry
  3. Compliance the discipline of the masses -- the attitude toward
   the service objects and the guidelines of the work style.
III. Basic Norms of Professional Ethnics of Our Company
 (1) Friendly and Customer-Oriented
  1. Strengthen the cultivation and trainings of work awareness.
  2. Adhere to the customers-first principle.
  3. Be more strict with oneself when the work is troublesome.
  4. Oppose jobbery and misconduction in office.
  5. Earnestly implement relevant codes and strictly keep trade secrets of the company.
 (2) High Quality, Environmentally Friendly and Safe
  1. Respect the employees ability and bring it to the full play.
  2. Pay close attention to the needs of society and the related regulations.
  3. Convert the relevant requirements into product specifications constantly.
  4. Deliver only qualified products to the customers.
 (3) Dignified Demeanors, Sincere and Fair
  1. Seek truth from facts and hold correct attitude toward work.
  2. Standardize your behavior in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company.
  3. Neat appearance, generous demeanor; Beautiful language and
  elegant speech; treat people sincerely and correct mistakes immediately; honest and
  trustworthy, and do your job with heart and soul.
  4. Conscientiously implement the company's philosophy and safeguard the company's interests.
 (4) Law-Abiding, Honest and Dedicated
  1. Study the law carefully and enhance legal awareness.
  2. Be self-disciplined and develop a law-abiding habit.
  3. Have a correct understanding of the rights and obligations of the occupation, and enhance the ability to esist unhealthy   tendencies in the industry.
  4. Dare to fight with unhealthy tendencies.
 (5) Public-Spirited and Social Returns
  1. Treat each citizen fairly and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of each person.
  2. Actively participate in the public welfare activities in community and society.
 (6) United, Cooperative and Pay Attention to the Interests of the Whole.
  1. Consider and understand the overall situation and cherish unity.
  2. Make active cooperation and unite as one.
  3. Learn colleagues strengths.
  4. Care for the sufferings of others.
 (7) Dig into Businesses and Improve Skills
  1. Conscientiously study the cultural knowledge.
  2. Value skills training and improve yourself in practice.
  3. Work and strive to excellence.
  4. Always let the customers experience our company's philosophy at work.
 (8) Commitment to Reform and Innovation
  1. Do not talk big, but take actions.
  2. In the face of difficulties, go ahead courageously and persistently.
  3. Keep learning and beat your brains.
IV. Basic Principles
  (1): Customer is always right
  (2): Our staff is unique
  (3): We should communicate with colleagues
  (4): We should have lofty professional ethic
  (5): Both colleagues and society are cooperative partners
  (6): Corporate leaders are also the public servants
  (7): What we do should upright and outspoken
  (8): Grant the rights to the staffs
  (9): We should control expenses
  (10): Our high-level personal should set good examples